Tribute to Robert Moog

(May 23, 1934 - August 21, 2005)

Robert Moog, (May 23, 1934 - August 21, 2005)

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Robert (Bob) Moog has always been one of my idols. In 1965 Bob created his first sound modules. In 1968 when I was around 10 years old I made a two transistor oscillator using a Philips Electronics Kit that my school lent me. The kit showed you how to make various circuits, and the oscillator was one that I liked the best. By using different resistor values it could be tuned to output various 'notes'. A few years later as a teenager, the first 'top octave' chips came out and using divider chains I made simple electronic organs. Using magazines such as "Practical Electronics", "Radio Constructor" and "Wireless World" I learnt how to make filters and ring modulators. I just loved the WAA and flanger sounds and the beating of near unison oscillators played through a ring modulator.

At that time I was listening to "Switched On Bach", "Rick Wakeman - Six Wives", "Moog Indigo", "Kraftwerk - Autobahn"

Forty years later, I bought a Moog Modular V software synth. With the boxed set of Switched on Bach, there was a software version of a Mini-Moog synth. This year I bought an IPod Touch and got the AniMoog software synth from MoogMusic and bought a genuine Moog T shirt (my first real Moog hardware(able) :) ).

Celebrate Bob! I missed the celebration of what would have been Bob's 78th birthday by a couple of days. I made it to Asheville on friday and bought an Etherwave Kit. Assembling the kit took by back to my teenage days. Setting up and tuning the theremin can be a bit tricky. With the lid off I was happy with it but when I put the case lid on the tuning was way off. It was a humid day when I painted the case and the instructions do warn about too much capacitance. After a couple of days I thought about making a plastic case and remembered I had a Dr WHO radio controller K9 model. I took K9 apart and after cutting off the end of the Etherwave circuit board, I fitted the theremin into the K9 case. At this time I do not want to re-tune the theremin so I have put it back in the original case for now. HERE is a short movie/slide show

New case for an Etherwave. New case for an Etherwave. New case for an Etherwave. New case for an Etherwave. New case for an Etherwave. New case for an Etherwave.